NADRA ID cards

Overseas Pakistanis can apply for their ID cards from their homes at

In addition, NADRA has launched 24/7 online/web chat service to guide and facilitate online applicants at the URL NADRA has also launched Pak ID official Twitter account (twitter handle: @NadraPak) and Complaint Management System (CMS) which is an online facility for lodging of complaints at the URL .

Any applicant who has any complaints or requires information pertaining to online ID card services will be able to talk to the Director Pak ID directly via Skype ID on every Thursday from 1500 hrs to 1600 hrs PST at e-Kachari. Applicants can leave their feedback regarding NADRA online services at the URL


What is NICOP?
National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is an identity card for Pakistanis living abroad.

What is CNIC?
Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is an identity card for Pakistani citizens living in Pakistan.

Please note that CNIC and NICOP both are national ID cards. Citizen number or Nadra ID number for both cards is the same for an individual. Also note that Smart ID Card or Smart NICOP has the only difference of microchip on it. So there is nothing to get confused between Nicop and SmartNicop.

What is POC?
Pakistan Origin Card (POC) is an identity card which is issued to those Pakistani origin individuals who have renounced their Pakistani nationality. POC holder is not a Pakistani citizen but he/she may travel and stay in Pakistan without visa as long as POC card is valid.

Note: NICOP, POC and FRC services are NOT provided at the Embassy.

In case of any query or technical support, please contact on NADRA’s following email and telephone number or their website.

Phone: +9251111786100

BEAWARE of some fake NADRA websites found on Google and other search engines. Only the above mentioned website is used for Nadra online applications.