Nordic Pakistan Business Summit 2016 takes the best Swedish Cleantech companies to Pakistan

Pakistani meetings

Pakistan often suffers of such a narrow and negative image in the international media but there is also that other side of Pakistan. It is a developing market with almost 200 million people, quickly growing middle-class and the current 7 % annual GDP growth estimated for 2016-2017 actually makes Pakistan one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world!

The Chinese investment boom of total 46 billion USD into Pakistan is boosting the whole economy and especially the latest development in the infrastructure is really concrete and visible especially in the Punjab Province, the biggest province of Pakistan.

Pakistan has two main bottlenecks effecting the development and those are clearly energy and water. The current energy gap lays around 6,000 – 10,000 MWs. Simultaneously country has huge identified resources available in the whole renewable energy sector: over 60,000 MWs of hydro, over 340,000 MWs of wind through one of the biggest wind corridors in the word and over 2 million MWs of solar already identified and ready to be built.

With water the numbers are also as remarkable: 200 million people, one of the major industrial countries in several sectors e.g. textile and only 1-2 % of all waste water is currently treated. Furthermore only 8 % urban wastewater goes through municipal treatment plants. Need for clean drinking water is already sky-high and it just keeps growing over the years due the growing urbanization.

Pakistan summit 2016There is no question whether Swedish cleantech companies would have business in Pakistan. You just need to see the country with your eyes to understand the huge potentiality.

Nordic Pakistan Business Summit 2016 is held in Lahore, Pakistan on 12 April. Summit is a platform bringing the best Nordic and Pakistani companies to do business in Pakistan. Together we can get bigger visibility that creates more interest and will bring better companies and the key representatives of Federal and Provincial Governments to meet us.

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