Coronavirus Advisory

In view of the heightened risk of covid-19 infections and to ensure the health and safety of our respectable visitors, we would request/encourage all visitors to avoid coming to the Embassy physically and apply through online services.

  • Individuals are advised to obtain appointment for Consular services before visiting the Embassy.
  • Visa applicants can apply for Pakistani visa online by visiting this link
  • For renewal of Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) applicants are advised to apply online at
  • All visitors to Pakistan Embassy are advised to exercise due caution. If you have cold or flu symptoms, kindly avoid visiting the Embassy. Most of the consular services are available online and on telephone.
  • According to Swedish recommendations, visitors to public places have to wear a mask in certain cases.

- For latest Guidelines regarding Air Transport of COVID 19 Positive Dead Body click here

- For guidelines for inbound passengers & FAQs click here


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