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Latest SOPs issued by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

Mandatory Data Submission Through Pass Track App
for Inbound Passengers to Pakistan

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has introduced new measures under which it will be mandatory for all passengers travelling to Pakistan to submit complete requisite information/data through Pass Track App. This stipulation will be a mandatory requirement and no exception in this regard shall be allowed.

Additionally, the requirement of submission of Health Declaration Form will cease from May 01,2021, upon coming into effect of the mandatory requirement of submission of information/data through Pass Track App.

Urgent Public Awareness Message

Please note! In addition to these guidelines, please check the requirements of the airline.

Summary of Criteria for Inbound International Passengers

• All passengers are required to install and register on the Pass Track App.
• Countries will be categorized into category A, B and C primarily based on epidemiological risk assessment reviewed fortnightly by MoNHSR&C
• If the passengers by any possibility do not have pass track app, they would need to fill out the web version of the Pass Track App ( and a health declaration form (HDF) before landing. 

  • Countries listed in Category A, do not require COVID-19 PCR Test.
  • Countries in Category B will now have PCR Test maximum 72 hours old instead of 96.
  • Countries listed in Category C may contact the concerned High Commission/Embassy of Pakistan

Moreover all passengers will also follow the SOP of the concerned airline.

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In addition, all passengers and crew members traveling to Pakistan shall also be required to fill the Health Declaration Forms prior to boarding the aircraft which shall be disseminated by airline.

Form in English

Form in Urdu