Embassy of Pakistan to Sweden and Finland

(Important contact numbers for Pakistanis in Sweden)

Studying in Sweden /Migration matters

For all migration related matters, kindly see the official information provided especially for Pakistanis on the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) website:


Emergency number (Swedish Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance)

PLEASE NOTE For emergency calls ONLY: (+46) 112

Swedish Police

For non-emergency calls: (+46) 114 114



KS – Karolinska Solna (https://www.karolinskahospital.com/): (+46) 8 123 700 00

KS – Karolinska Huddinge (https://www.karolinskahospital.com/): (+46) 8 123 800 00

DS – DanderydsSjukhus (www.ds.se (choose “Translation” for English): (+46) 8 123 550 00

SÖS – Södersjukhuset (https://www.sodersjukhuset.se/): (+46) 8 123 610 00


SU – SahlgrenskaUniversitetssjukhuset (https://www.sahlgrenska.se/en/): (+46) 31 342 10 00


SUS – Skånesuniversitetssjukhus Malmö (https://vard.skane.se/en/skane-university-hospital/)

(+46) 40 33 10 00


Sweden is a very friendly and welcoming country for the students and travelers from abroad. As every society Sweden also has its own values and traditions  that needs to be cared of while visiting or staying in the Sweden. Following are some dos and don`ts to visit Sweden:


  • Take off your shoes:

Always take off your shoes while entering private residences in Sweden. Some explain it with the simple fact that Swedes spend a lot of time outdoors during winter and are prone to dragging in dirt. Others say it’s a sign of respect for the home.

  • Be on time:

Swedes are punctual and expect same from others. Tardiness is not welcomed.  

  • Tidiness:

Try and remain tidy as Swedes believe being neat reflects a sense of consideration towards others.

  • Pay attention to the personal Space:

Swedes value their personal space. Unless you’re in a crowd, you should never stand too close to people, even the cashier in a shop. And you definitely shouldn’t sit next to somebody on a bus if there is an open seat for you elsewhere.

  • Business casual means jeans:

General everyday fashion in Sweden is simple, relaxed and casual. This same concept has  seamlessly seeped its way into more formal business settings. Unless someone is in  meeting with foreign clients or attending a high stakes board meeting.

  • Fika:

Try to participate in ‘fika’ (coffee/tea, light snacks and conversations) if the opportunity arises. Many Swedes enjoy fika in both the workplace and in their day-to-day lives.

  • Informal with the names:

Swedes are informal with the names. Doctor, university professor or economic advisor they all will address you with your first name and expect you to do the same in conversation.


  • Do not litter, ever!

Avoid littering or spitting in public. Sweden is an extremely environmentally conscious country, so littering and failing to recycle properly is extremely frowned upon.

  • Do not Pay with Cash

Don’t forget to bring your card as cash is not always accepted in Sweden.

  • Don’t be Flashy:

            Do not boast about yourself or exaggerate your achievements. Swedes appreciate a sense of modesty.

  • Don’t be too loud:

Be aware that raised voices and highly animated body language may irritate or exasperate Swedes.


                                         Common Phrases in Swedish

English Swedish Pronunciation
Hello Hej (j sounds as y) Hey
Good bye Hej då Hey doe
Yes Ja Ya
No Nej Nai
Please Snälla Snella
Thank you Tack Takk
Your welcome Varsådgod Varshagood
Excuse me Ursäkta mig Urshekta mey
Sorry Förlåt Forelout
What is your name Vad heter du? Vad heeter doo?
How are you? Hur mår du? Hur more doo?
I am good. Jag mår bra. Yag more bra.
How much is it? Hur mycket kostar det? Hur myke kostar deat?
Do you speak English? Talar du engelska? Talar doo engelska
Ticket Biljett bilyett
What time does it open/close När öppnar/stänger det? Naar opnar/stanger deat?
What time is it? Vad är klockan? Vad aare clockan?
I don’t understand Jag förstår inte. Yag foresh tore intay
It was nice meeting you. Det var trevlig att träffas. Deat war treevlig att treffas
to the right / to the left till höger / till vänster till hoger/ till vanster
Can you help me? Kan du hjälpa mig? Can doo yalpa mey?
Can I ask a question? Kan jag ställa en fråga? Can yag staala n froga?

Frequently asked questions by the new and potential students:

Emergency Contact number Embassy of Pakistan: +46 8 661 73 20  &  +46 73 47 65 819