FAQs Regarding e-visas

How can I apply for online visa?

Kindly visit NADRA website: visa.nadra.gov.pk and see the help section and follow the instructions. If there is any technical problem, kindly directly contact NADRA by clicking on their Contact Us option..

Do I need to send my Passport for online visa?

No, online visa is issued online and you will get a Visa Grant Notice by email that you have to print out. The Visa Grant Notice is your visa. You do not need to send any documents to the Embassy.

How will I pay for online visa?

Please follow the instructions in the e-visa application platform for fee payment. You will pay online by credit card while applying for online visa.


I want to apply e-visa for a child, which documents are required.

For each child irrespective of age , a separate application must be submitted.

Guardians must submit No Object Certificate (NoC) for each child/applicant below the age of 18 years. The NoC must be signed by both parents and must also have contact phone numbers of both parents. The NOC can be downloaded from this link: https://pakistanembassy.se/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/NOC.pdf

Do not upload irrelevant documents.

I made a mistake in the name, can I correct it?

Please make sure that before submitting your application, your name and Passport number is the same as written on your Passport as you only have once chance of application. If the application comes back to you for review in case your application is incomplete and some more additional documents or requirements need to be fulfilled, then you have the chance to carefully again check your particulars, that is, name and Passport number etc. Once the visa is issued, it cannot be corrected later on and the applicant has to re-apply for a fresh visa.

 I am of Afghan origin and have Swedish Passport, which category of e-visa should I apply for?

You can apply for both categories that is tourist and family if you fulfill the requirements. Every Afghan national or Afghan origin having Swedish or Finnish or another country’s Passport, must submit a proper invitation letter from Pakistan duly attested by Notary Public along with colour copies of both sides of CNIC/NICOP of the person who sent the invitation letter (inviter). The signature of the sponsor on the CNIC must be clearly visible. The invitation must have contact phone number of the sponsor/inviter in Pakistan.  The application must be complete having address in Sweden or Finland, whatever the case may be, and the address in Pakistan where the person is going. Incomplete application will not be accepted.  You can also get a sponsor letter from approved tourist operator in Pakistan who can sponsor your visit.

Please note that incomplete application, fake or unverifiable invitation letter will not be accepted.

Providing fake invitation letter will not only lead to rejection of visa but may also lead to blacklisting of the applicant for future visa.

For family:

In case an Afghan national or Afghan origin applicant has a Pakistani spouse, he or she can apply for family visa. In order to apply, he or she must provide admissible proof i.e. the wife must have the Afghan national name on her CNIC as spouse or must present a Family Registration Certificate (FRC) issued by NADRA Pakistan duly attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.  Irrelevant documents will not be accepted.

Similarly marriage with a Pakistani spouse in Sweden like cohabitant and partner is not acceptable in Pakistan Family Law. Only lawful and legal marriage duly registered in Pakistan NADRA system or in Swedish Population Register is considered a legal marriage acceding to Pakistan Family Law.

I want to apply for e-visa, what should I write/select for “type of Passport”?

All common people and citizens of a country have ordinary Passports; and should write/select “ordinary”.

However, diplomatic/Official and UNLP passports are with special categories of people who are working as diplomat n Foreign Embassies/Consulate General/United National Organization High Ranking Officials like Presidents, Prime Ministers, , Governors, ,Ministers, Members of Parliament, Senators etc. of the country.  Every country has different color of these special categories of Passports distinguishing it from the common citizen passports.  For Example in Sweden, common people have Red Colour passports while diplomats have blue color passports.

The rest of the people and common citizens have Ordinary passports even if someone is a businessperson, still he or she holds ordinary passport. UN Travel Documents and Alien Passports are issued to people who seek asylum and thus are considered ordinary passports.

By selecting wrong category of passport will lead to the rejection of visa.

I am of Pakistani origin and want urgent visa due to the serious illness of my mother, can I get it urgently please?

Yes, in case of emergency and death of relatives, you can get very quick visa. First you need to upload your application, and also upload a hand written or type a few lines mentioning your urgency that you need an urgent visa due to the illness or death (God forbid) of a relative. Your visa will be issued on top priority keeping in view your travelling plan. You can even get it on the same day.

This urgent visa service facility is only available to Overseas Pakistani and Pakistan origin people.

I am off Pakistani Origin, can I get long term one year Multiple Entry visa?

Yes, you must provide a proof by uploading copy of one of the following documents:-

  1. Pakistani Passport (valid or expired or old)
  2. NICOP (valid or old)
  3. Pakistan Origin Card (POC) (valid or old). You are advised to apply for POC instead of long term visa at this link: https://www.nadra.gov.pk/identity/identity-poc/. POC is issued up to 7 years validity if you fulfill the requirements, which you can see at the NADRA link. Any question relating to NICOP and POC must be directly asked from NADRA.
  4. If your spouse from a foreign country wants to apply for a long term family visa: then following documents is required:
  5. Family Registration Certificate (FRC) issued by NADRA and duly attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  6. Copy of your spouse POC (valid or expired)
  7. If your wife is Pakistani and you are a foreigner, then your wife's CNIC or Passport copy having your name on her passport or CNIC as spouse is required.
  8. Familjbevis in English duly attested by Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs showing your name as legally married spouse.

Cohabitant and partner are not acceptable in Pakistan Family Law as a spouse.

Please do not upload irrelevant and inadmissible documents while apply for visa.

Only upload passport copy of the applicant and the applicant picture and one of the above relevant documents.

Swedish driving license or other irrelevant documents are not acceptable.

Only Documents in English or Urdu languages are acceptable.

My passport has expired, but the Pakistani e-Visa issued for the same passport is still valid. Do I need to apply for a new Visa?

 If your Pakistan E-Visa or manual Visa still valid you can travel to Pakistan with your two passports (Old and New) as long as the visa is valid, not damaged. Also, the name and date of birth and other personal data should be the same in both passports. Your nationality, as written in the new passport, must be the same as mentioned in the passport bearing the manual visa or e-visa issued for that passport If you want to verify Pakistan E-visa, you can do it online on the official website of the Government of Pakistan which is given as under:-


I received my Visa Grant Notice but there is a mistake in spelling of my name and date of birth. Can the Embassy correct these mistakes?

No, a Visa Grant Notice is automatically computer generated on the basis of information given and typed by the applicant. The Visa Officer sends back each application to the concerned applicant for final re-check to correct a mistake, if any.  Once the Visa Grant Notice is issued, it can neither be changed nor corrected. Only an applicant can make corrections and edition either during the submission of an application or review process in the following three areas:

  1. Name,
  2. Passport number
  3. Date of birth

If there is any mistake in the Visa Grant Notice, it is because of the applicant and not due to the Visa Officer. If there is a mistake in Visa Grant Notice, an applicant has not only to re-apply, but also to re-pay for a new application.