Apply Online for Pakistani Visa through E-Visa Application System

(Important Note: Please do not confirm your ticket until you get valid visa)

To apply for visa through e-services portal (E-Visa) & for all relevant information, please click on the link below

The Government of Pakistan has mandated online visa and all visa applicants need to apply through the website

  • For online Tourist/Visit Visa, a letter of sponsor (along with his/her Pakistani passport / both sides of Pakistani ID card) is necessary.
  • For Family Visas, the Pakistani passport/both sides of Pakistani ID card of the spouse or one of the parents is necessary.
  • For NOC form for children under 18 years of age, click here
  • If there are any questions or any problem regarding E-visa/online Visa, you can contact NADRA for assistance on Contact Us - Pakistan Online Visa System (
  • If you have questions about how to apply, please visit:
  • You can also find a guide to apply for online visa application here
  • If you need further assistance after visa application, you may write an email to us at When sending an e-mail, kindly mention the following:
    • Complete Name
    • Contact number where you can be reached
    • Name of city & country
  • The Embassy has made special arrangements for issuance of visas in cases of EMERGENCY visas ONLY for Pakistani or Pakistan origin applicants. In such a situation please apply online at and then only send a TEXT message to Embassy of Pakistan Stockholm on +46 (0) 734 983 201 with the following details (Please do not call at this number):
    • reference number of the e-visa application and
    • name of the applicant

(Note: Please be careful while applying for relevant Visa Category, for example, please check with Family Visa, Business Visa etc)


You are welcome to send emails regarding your visa application with:

    • Complete Name
    • Contact number where you can be reached
    • Name of city & country