Commercial Wing

The Commercial Section promotes business between Pakistan and Sweden and Finland. We provide information to Pakistani companies on trade and investment opportunities in Sweden and Finland and help both Swedish, Finnish and Pakistani companies to establish contacts with suppliers, buyers, exporters and importers from these countries. The Commercial Section also organizes and participates in various business related events, seminars, conferences and spread the word about the availability of business opportunities in Pakistan.

Business & Trade

Pakistan offers huge business and investment opportunities for Swedish & Finnish companies e.g. in infrastructure, construction, education, healthcare, energy, cleantech, water, food and food production as well as within agriculture and IT/ICT sectors. Just a few to mention.

Pakistan’s economy is growing by 5-6 per cent annually and the new, consuming middle class is willing to spend more on various articles and products. New shopping malls are built, new residential and housing areas created with many practical challenges linked to energy and water, for example.

Pakistan is growing and Swedish and Finnish companies offer plenty of best technology, products and knowledge to match the needs of developing Pakistan.

We believe that Pakistan-Sweden & Pakistan-Finland business relations create a perfect win-win package supporting both countries and markets in the best possible way.

Please contact us for further details and we can discuss how your company could do more business in Pakistan or Sweden!

        Trade and Investment Counsellor : Ahsan Riaz Chaudhary

Fax: +46-8-22 35 55