Urdu Language Teaching Resources

Urdu is the official state language of Pakistan.  According to research done in 2021 estimates, Urdu is the 21st most spoken first language in the world, with approximately 61.9 million who speak it as their native language. Ethnologue’s 2018 estimates, Urdu is the 10th most widely spoken language in the world with 230 million total speakers, including those who speak it as a second language.  The Urdu alphabet has up to 39 or 40 distinct letters with no distinct letter cases and is typically written in the calligraphic Nastaʿlīq script.

In order to meet the needs of the teachers and to help Urdu teachers in Sweden and Finland the Embassy has initiated this platform to share the teaching material that we gather from different sources.

The Embassy of Pakistan arranged a first ever Urdu teachers meeting on 22nd Nov 2021. Click here to watch the complete video:

Following are some links to guide and help Urdu teachers:


Sherazali.com is the website by Mr. Sheraz Ali, who is the lecturer of Urdu Language at the Manchester Univerisy. It is the Urdu editor which provides the writing space along with the Urdu Keypad to type Urdu language easily.  


Matansaz is also a keyboard for long Urdu writings with the auto correct feature.


The above mentioned website provides stories for reading and discussion purpose. The main element provided by the website is Pak Urdu installer through which one can type Urdu by using qwerty keyboard.


It is the initial version of Urdu thesaurus which has 40,000 words and  20,000 synonyms. It is in the process of expanding and will soon provide dictionary, antonym, idioms and, phrases.


Urdu Gah.com is a very interesting website that provides you with the Urdu poetry, content for discussion, quotes, idioms, golden words in Urdu etc.


The above mentioned video is a  demonstration on how to use the regular  keyboard for Urdu typing. 

The  pictures  below explain the pronouns of Urdu language in detail.

The following teaching material is best suitable for Adult learners: