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Registration of Newborn

It is a prerequisite that the parents should make a complete NICOP application and Form S-1 Certificate of Registration of birth) for the child before a passport can be issued.

Requirements for Form–S1 (Certificate of Registration & Birth)

  • Form S1 (duly completed)
  • Both parent’s Pakistani/Foreign passports and NICOP/CNICs (in original) and photocopy of each document.
  • Extract of the Population register (Personbevis of the child) from Skatteverket / Maistraatti in English.
  • Two coloured photos of the child (Shoulders, eyes should be visible).
  • Fee:  SEK: 110 (Can be paid at the Embassy by card or can be deposited in Embassy’s SEB Account no 5277 10 109 68  (Embassy’s IBAN no is: SE80 5000 0000 0527 7101 0968. Swift Address of SEB is: ESSESESS)
  • Applications sent through post should contain a self-addressed return envelope, (Must contain SEK 84/- postage stamps or postage coupons), duly paid for registered mail.


Requirements for NICOP Application 

POC and NICOP application

NADRA have informed that they have launched Web Based Application System named as "Pak ldentity" for processing of POC and NICOP application in order to facilitate Pakistani expatriates.

The Embassy has been asked to stop receiving the manual applications with effect from 30 September. Applicants may therefore visit the following website to apply for NICOP and POC.



Requirements for issuance of passports for newly born babies

Machine Readable Passport (MRP) are available at Embassy of Pakistan, Stockholm. For more information please follow the link Passport Section

Please note

  • Telephone enquires about any important consular matter are entertained only between 1400 to 1700 hrs. For a speedy confirmation of the status of your application or any other questions, please Email us  consularattache@pakistanembassy.se