Kindly note that Registration of Newborn can only be done  within one year of the date of birth of the child. If  your child is older than 01 year, you can directly apply for NICOP / POC on Nadra’s website.

Registration of Newborn

New born babies born to Pakistani citizens/dual citizens of Sweden and Finland must be registered as Pakistani nationals in the Embassy of Pakistan Stockholm (Sweden), by their parents within one year of the date of birth. The following documents are required for birth registration:

  • Form S_1-1 (duly completed) (DOB should be written in DD-MM-YYYY format and do not enter any other date on the form). Please CLICK HERE to go to the link regarding explanation on how to fill up S-1 Form.
  • Extract of Population Register (Familjbevis) showing the name of the newborn and his/her guardians, in English from Skatteverket / Maistraatti (Original).
  • Both parents’ NICOP/CNICs (Original+ Photocopy) If original IDs of parents are not sent then the case will not be processed.
  • Both parents’ passports (Photocopy only), and if parents have dual citizenship then submit photocopy of the other passports as well.
  • Mother’s NICOP/CNIC must have husband’s name on it. If it is not so then copy of Nikahnama has to be submitted. In case of foreign mother or father, an affidavit  declaring “No Objection” for registration of his/her child as a Pakistani national.
  • Two passport-size colour photographs of the child (on photographic paper preferably with white background).
  • Fee SEK 110/-


    Fees Instructions:

    • Facility for making payment by Credit/Debit Card is available at the Embassy. Consular Fee is not accepted in cash at the Embassy.
    • Cash can be deposited in Embassy’s SEB Account no:
      5277 10 109 68
    • Full name of the applicant must be written clearly on the Bank slips.

    If cases are sent by Post:

    • If documents are sent by post then fees should be transferred to SEB bank account 5277 10 109 68
    • Applicants from Finland (if sending by post) should transfer the fees in following account:
      SEB IBAN no: SE80 5000 0000 0527 7101 0968.
      Swift Address of SEB is: ESSESESS 
    • Please note that applicants from Finland must add  SEK 60/- to the total fee on account of Bank charges, which is ultimately paid by the Embassy to the concerned Bank. Such cases, where the Bank Transfer Charges are not paid separately by the applicant to the Embassy, would be kept pending.
    • The deposit slip must be attached to the application form before submission, otherwise the case would be kept pending.
    • Cash is also not accepted through post. Envelopes containing cash are returned without consideration.

    Please note

    • Applications sent through post should contain a self-addressed return envelope with SEK 125/- postage stamps on it.
    • Applicants from Finland should send self-addressed return envelope with 8 international coupons (see information about international coupons by clicking here).
    • Please don’t forget to write your phone number on return envelope.
    • This service is provided upon applicants’ personal request and Embassy does not take any responsibility if the documents are lost by the postal courier.

Requirements for NICOP Application 

NADRA have informed that they have launched Web Based Application System named as “Pak ldentity” for processing of POC and NICOP application in order to facilitate Pakistani expatriates. Applicants may therefore visit the following website to apply for NICOP and POC.

Requirements for issuance of passports for newly born babies

Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) are issued at Embassy of Pakistan, Stockholm. For more information please follow the link Passport Information

For any other query related to birth registration, please email us on